Faculty & Staff

missing-Student ID-7  Dr. Chris Lamb – Superintendent

missing-Student ID-9  LeGrand Lamb – Principal, Athletic Director

missing-Student ID-16  Melanie Saruse – School Secretary  

IMG_2171-001.JPG April Everett – Kindergarten

IMG_2107-001.JPG Elise LeCroy – First Grade

IMG_2109-001.JPG  Jani Pickett – Second Grade

IMG_2105-001.JPG  Molly McLain – Third and Fourth Grades

IMG_2155-001.JPG  Valerie Rueckert – Fifth and Sixth Grades

IMG_2149-001.JPG  Natalie LeCroy – Seventh and Eighth Grades Homeroom

IMG_2112-001.JPG Mary Beth Garrison – Ninth Grade Homeroom

IMG_5164-002.JPG  Charity Lamb – Tenth & Eleventh Grade Homeroom

IMG_2151-001.JPG  Brad Shaddix  – Twelfth Grade Homeroom

IMG_2152-001.JPG Gary Dennison – Physical Science, Support Staff

missing-Student ID-3  Joy Garrison – Enrichment Teacher, Elementary Music and Art

missing-Student ID-8  Kathi Lamb – Fine Arts Coordinator, Elementary Choir, Piano

missing-Student ID-1  Jonathan Dickey – High School Choir, Piano, Publications/Website

missing-Student ID-2  Leah Dickey – Private Violin, Group Violin

missing-Student ID-18  Grace Shaddix – Harp, Tutoring 

missing-Student ID  Judy Adams – Curriculum Supervisor, Support Staff

missing-Student ID-21  Jackie Young – Yearbook Director, Support Staff

missing-Student ID-13  Barbara Leon – Support Staff

missing-Student ID-6  Josh Hayenga – Computer & Technical Support 

Ron Haas  Ron Haas – Facilities Manager, Vehicle Superintendent